CorvantaMail - Email Marketing

Hand over your email marketing to a team that uses cutting-edge strategies to reach your audience.
Let your Marketing team discuss the requirements with CorvantaMail Partner.
Our Mailer Team will execute the campaign and tick all the boxes that is required for your campaign to be successfull.


Our team's main goal is to get into the recipient's inbox and increase their engagement through personally tailored touch points.
After you've signed up, a corvanta mail partner will help you set up your domain.
After that, create an audience list(Not having one don’t worry) and work with our partner to schedule the campaign.


Create individualized inbox-friendly content and include multiple personal touchpoints to connect emotionally with your audience.
Once everything is in place, we begin warming up your email so that the recipients' email management domain's AI algorithms accept it.
We send your email at the ideal time interval to reduce the possibility of your domain being flagged as spam

Real time

Keep track of the results of your campaigns. Expand your knowledge to make better campaign decisions in the future.
Predict email issues and identify performance trends before they affect your business